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If you've followed this blog you know that I've struggled for many years with improving my health. I've finally reached a point where I've managed to maintain a small amount of success. Now it's time to take the next step, but I believe it requires a new way of thinking.

Instead of trying to get healthy, why not shift focus toward learning how to build healthy habits instead. Follow me as I try to teach myself how to Engineer healthy habits that will allow me to take my health to the next level. Let's see where this experiment goes!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Day #48 - Hanging Strong and Staying Busy

It's Saturday night and so far no alcohol this weekend.  I'm hanging strong and feel pretty confident I'll make it through the weekend.  Right now we're getting hammered with a snowstorm.  We have 8 inches of snow (a lot for the DC area) and now it just turned over to sleet and freezing rain. 

I'm actually happy with the storm; it keeps us from going out and wasting money and eating junk.  We were prepared for it, so we got everything we needed to stay busy today.  I'm on to daughter #3's bedroom; we painted all the trim and the ceiling so it's ready to have the walls painted tomorrow.  After that I cleaned up a desk with some restoring polish.  It's a Land's End desk that retails fro $750.  We bought it at a Salvation Army for $70.  Add in a light bulb and the polish and all total I spent $80 and it looks almost like new.

$70 Desk Restored

After painting and desk restoration I turned to the storm.  A good hour of shoveling was a great workout.  I went back out again after dinner for another half hour right when it turned over to freezing rain.  Tomorrow it's supposed to turn to straight rain so I hope all my shoveling pays off and my driveway ends up completely clear for Monday. 

Anyway, I'm doing well but at some point I need to start thinking about weight loss.  One day and one thing at a time!  Day #48 is in the books, on to Day #49.

Stay Strong!


  1. Your house is going to look amazing!

    1. Thanks Natalie, In the last 7 weeks I've managed to get all the kids' rooms done. I love working on the house!

  2. I applaud your attitude and approach, FogDog. Excellent find on the desk--and great work on it, too!
    Taking one thing, one day at a time--you gotta believe and know, this is a very smart approach. The weight loss--yes, it's important, BUT--we all have our lists--and prioritizing that lists and coming up with workable solutions means doing what you can, when you can. Your abstinence from alcohol is powerful--and it's what you've decided is most important at this point. Excellent.
    Wonderful workout, I bet!! An hour of shoveling cannot be easy!! Stay strong, indeed. You too, my friend!

    1. I'll tell you Sean it's been hard to prioritize this way. So far my priorities have all been things that don't show physical results. To make matters worse, my clothes are tight and I refuse to buy the next size up. I have to start putting more emphasis at losing weight but not at the expense of the others things. Thanks for reading!