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Through failure we learn to succeed! This is a blog about fighting back. It's about picking yourself up off the floor, dusting yourself off, and getting right back in there. It's about holding yourself accountable, having the right mindset, and learning to live a healthy lifestyle.

I have failed more times than I can count. I've reached a point in my life where I've decided that giving up is no longer an option. I've decided to devote 360 days toward my health and well being in the hopes that I can turn my life around.

Join me as I take the journey and try to stay on the path. Learn from me through my successes and failures, and help me learn from you. As one blog I am weak, but as a community we are very strong. Let's Succeed Together!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Day #18 - Just One Day

This morning I got up and I said to Mrs. FogDog, "Just One Day".  I told her that we should try to have just one day of good eating behavior, one day of making sure we exercise, one day right this week.  She agreed and we set off to have one good day.  I was confident that we could do it, but one good day is turning out to be more elusive than I originally thought.

The day started just fine, we had our usual breakfast, oatmeal with blueberries and a couple of hard boiled eggs.  I got to work and life was actually pretty good, I got stuff done.  I ate my snacks when I was supposed to and I got my gallon of water in.  I even walked 2 miles at lunchtime with a friend. 

I mentioned yesterday that I've been struggling right around 4PM.  Today, I was fine, I felt good all the way through the day.  I went home and had an early dinner because one of my daughter had basketball practice and the other gymnastics.  The dinner was very healthy and within my eating plan; no problems here.  I was back out the door and on my way to basketball practice and thinking about how I was going to share my success in tonight's post.  Then it all ended abruptly...

About halfway through basketball practice I could literally feel myself start losing control.  It's the same thing I've been feeling lately towards the end of the day, kind of worn out and irritable.  I'm not sure if it was all the kids there yelling and running around like lunatics or what (I hate it when parents bring siblings to practice and then just let them run wild) but my patience was going fast as well as my self control.  On the way home I started thinking bad thoughts.  "How about a cigarette?  Maybe a drink or two when you get home?"  When I got home I asked Mrs. Fogdog if she would make popcorn for me and kids.  I ate a huge bowl of popcorn followed by a bowl of cereal.  So much for my one day.  Mrs. Fogdog immediately caved as well with her own bowl of cereal.  Part of me thinks I ate the cereal because I know it's Mrs. FogDog's weakness and I didn't want to go down in flames alone (another topic for another day).

I'm a little disappointed, but at the same time I feel like it could have been a lot worse.  I didn't smoke or drink; I ate some popcorn and cereal.  Is that really all that bad?  95% of my day was great, but it's that last 5% that I'm still thinking about.  Day #18 is over, time to shift focus; Maybe day #19 will be that one day!

Stay Strong!

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  1. Without sounding like an enabler, I agree with that last paragraph. Was it that bad? This thing isn't a sprint, it's a marathon. And nobody ever trained for a marathon in a week bub. Did you run further today than yesterday? Yeah I think you did. And with working on 3 vices at once, you are training for a marathon with 45 pound weights strapped on your waist. Take the day for what it was, then tomorrow try to make it a bit further than you did today.

    I also am a fan of the just one day of success method. Much easier to think of one day than the whole journey. It is way less intimidating. Once you meet every goal one time though, it becomes easier each day after. Not simple, but easier.