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If you've followed this blog you know that I've struggled for many years with improving my health. I've finally reached a point where I've managed to maintain a small amount of success. Now it's time to take the next step, but I believe it requires a new way of thinking.

Instead of trying to get healthy, why not shift focus toward learning how to build healthy habits instead. Follow me as I try to teach myself how to Engineer healthy habits that will allow me to take my health to the next level. Let's see where this experiment goes!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Day #109 - More Pain Arrives

It's bad enough that I'm still struggling with pain, but now Mrs. FogDog is right there with me.  Yesterday she rolled her ankle out in the yard and now she can barely walk.  The doctor told her it's just a bad sprain, nothing broken, but she'll be hobbled for the next couple weeks.  As for me, I'm still battling the knee pain at night, but it does appear to be getting better; I only woke up twice last night with knee pain instead of my 4-6 times each night.

Of course this isn't helping us to get the ship righted, we are both still struggling.  I won't say we're doing terrible, but again we're not doing great either.  I would be amazed if either of us lost any weight this week.

This last week really has me beginning to question if I really have changed.  After about 6 weeks of hard work I can now feel my resolve slowly slipping away.  So have I changed or was I just telling myself that in hopes that I could hang on longer before falling on my face?  If I'm serious about my health then I need to put the excuses away and get back to it:

My knee hurts at night - Got it, so why does that keep me from eating healthy during the day?

Because I'm tired all day from not getting good sleep - Ok, that makes it harder, but not eating healthy also makes me tired; maybe that's why I feel tired.

Yeah but I'm also not exercising out of fear that my knee will get worse again - Great, how long are we going to milk that excuse?  I didn't realize that all exercise requires vigorous use of the knees.

Ok, but Mrs. FogDog is hurting now too so we both enable each other to eat junk to feel better - Mrs. FogDog knows just as well as me that eating junk food only makes us feel better for a short moment to then be followed by feeling worse about doing it.

Fine, but we've struggled for almost a week now, one more day won't hurt - Yeah it won't hurt, but it won't help either.  One more hour, one more meal, one more day, one more weekend, one more...

I have to go now,  I need to continue this conversation with myself in private.  Day #109 is in the books; on to 110.

Stay Strong!


  1. Great conversation - you need to listen to yourself! I hope you and Mrs Fogdog are in less pain soon.

  2. Thank you. I have different injury/health issues but use many of the same excuses. Thank you for helping me see through them and change the " why I can't" to "how can I" do this. You are not alone in your struggles, but merely writing the thoughts of many.

  3. You must listen to yourself because you really do know the correct answers - just make sure you follow them !

    We're all on your side.

    But I am sorry about the pain both you and now Mrs FogDog are having to contend with.

    Take Care - Keep positive.

    All the best Jan