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Through failure we learn to succeed! This is a blog about fighting back. It's about picking yourself up off the floor, dusting yourself off, and getting right back in there. It's about holding yourself accountable, having the right mindset, and learning to live a healthy lifestyle.

I have failed more times than I can count. I've reached a point in my life where I've decided that giving up is no longer an option. I've decided to devote 360 days toward my health and well being in the hopes that I can turn my life around.

Join me as I take the journey and try to stay on the path. Learn from me through my successes and failures, and help me learn from you. As one blog I am weak, but as a community we are very strong. Let's Succeed Together!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Day #89 - Who Am I?

Maybe it was the extra hour of sleep I got because I had the day off.  Or maybe it was the fact that when I woke I could tell that my sickness is starting to fade.  I'm not sure what it was but today I awoke and did not feel like my normal self.  Instead I felt fantastic!

Anyone who knows me knows I'm not a morning person.  Usually I'm not feeling awake until I've been up for several hours and have had my large morning coffee.  Not today though, I got up ready to take on the world.  I ate my normal healthy breakfast, and I was off to the bathroom (to remodel it, that is).  I worked hard and fast today, getting in a good sweat as I tackled all sorts of small tasks that I have to do to get this bathroom finished. 

By 2PM I had done all I could do in the bathroom, things needed to dry!  I couldn't believe how much I accomplished and I wished I could do more.  So I did, I loaded up the van with all sorts of junk we needed to throw out and went off to the dump.  When I got home I took a shower and it was still only 4PM so now what?  How about a walk?  Even the kids couldn't keep up with me, I was in a zone as I walked; I was busy thinking about just how great this week went.  I walked 3.2 miles in exactly 1 hour, incredibly fast (for me).

It was a great week!  Regardless of what the scale tells me tomorrow, this very well may have been my best week so far.  For starters I proved to myself that being sick doesn't have to become an excuse to slack off.  I've been sick all week long and I never let it slow me down.  I also think that staying sober is starting to have an effect.  Today is my 20th day without a drink and I'm starting to look back at all those wasted nights in disgust.

Tomorrow is Day #90.  1/4 of my 360 day commitment is almost over.  I'll reflect in tomorrow's post just how far I've come so far, but maybe that's part of why I'm feeling like I am today.  I guess I really don't know why I feel like I do, and I'm not really sure that it matters.  What I do know though, is that I don't feel like me anymore.  That's BOTH exciting and scary at the same time!  Day #89 in the books, on to the 3 month mark.

Stay Strong!

[Photo: Flickr / Paul Downey]

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  1. I almost missed this post from you FD, I'm sure glad I looked back and read it. It get me excited for you. What a load off to have the energy to accomplished a lot on the 'to do' list and still get to walk. Great post for a great week! Stay sober my friend you'll see you might even become a morning person!