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Monday, March 9, 2015

Day #64 - Missing a Baby Blue Shower

Ugly Baby Blue Shower
Have you seen this shower?  It's missing and presumed dead.  It was last seen hanging out in my master bathroom looking old and dated.  It's been known to consort with it's little brother; baby blue toilet (which is also missing).  If you find this shower, please do not call me.  Instead feel free to contact the 80's; I'm sure they would be happy to take a blue shower and toilet back.  If they do, please tell them to call me as I have baby blue tile that they can have as well.

You would not believe the amount of work it takes to get a one-piece fiberglass shower out.  I spent the entire day tearing the whole stall area apart and then I had to carry all the debris downstairs to my garage.  Needless to say I got plenty of exercise in, and I'm feeling it right now.  I also got all my water in without any problem; demolition always gets me sweating.

A really great start to my first day of vacation.  I'm working hard and I'm eating well.  On top of that it was 65 degrees and sunny today!  Most of the snow is gone and it's supposed to stay this way all week.  Tomorrow I go to the hardware store to pick out a shower basin and all the other stuff I need to prep the walls for tile.  One day at a time.

Stay Strong!
Where did it go??

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  1. FD now that you are done with the baby blue, are you going to go with baby pink? LOL